Hold on to the Fundamentals of your religion

Sheikh ul Islam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab said:

قال شيخ الإسلام محمد بن عبد الوهاب : فالله.. الله يا إخواني تمسكوا بأصل دينكم و أوله و آخره.. أسه و رأسه، و هو شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله، و اعرفوا معناها و أحبوا أهلها و اجعلوهم إخوانكم – و لو كانوا بعيدين – و اكفروا بالطواغيت و عادوهم و ابغضوا من أحبهم أو جادل عنهم، أو لم يكفرهم، أو قال؛ ما علي منهم، أو قال؛ ما كلفني الله بهم، فقد كذب هذا على الله و افترى، بل كلفه الله بهم، و فرض عليه الكفر بهم و البراءة منهم – و لو كانوا إخوانه و أولاده – فالله .. الله تمسكوا بأصل دينكم لعلكم تلقون ربكم لا تشركون به شيئا

“O’ by Allah my brothers’ hold on to the fundamentals of your religion. Know that it’s beginning to its end; its bottom to its top is the testimony of La ilaha illa-llah. Know its meaning; love it; love the ones who adhere to it; make them your brothers, even if they are physically far away from you. Disbelieve in the tawaghit; have enmity towards them; hate whomsoever loves them or debates on their behalf or defends them, or the one who does not announce them as Kufaar, or says: “They are not my concern” or says, ” Allah never obligated me with anything towards them (in other words He is not going to ask me about them on the day of Judgement). Whoever says this has lied about Allāh and fabricated. Allāh indeed has obligated him with their issue, made it obligatory to announce their kufr, to free and absolve himself from them, even if they are his own brothers and children. So by Allah Allah hold on the fundamentals of your religion, perhaps you can meet your Lord, without associating partners to Him..”

[“ad-durar as- Saniyyah Volume: 2  page: 119-120”]


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